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During next season, we plan to run a coaching clinic for the whole of Term 4. The coaching clinic will take place on Monday nights at Tintern from 7pm to 8pm. Every parent or mature players wanting to learn how to coach are more than welcome to come.

Up till now we have been very lucky with all the wonderful coaches we have. Going forward we need to find new coaches, which is easier said than done. If you don’t know, we currently have 11 teams and only 4 coaches who give up their time to coach your kids. They don’t train their own kids and some don’t have kids.

So when you ask the Committee who will be coaching your child next season the new response will be “you are.” This may sound challenging, but the club has a plan.

As part of this training, some of the current coaches will become coaching directors. This will allow our new coaches to actually spend time both coaching games and training — if you have questions, someone will be around to help.

The other part of the plan sadly, is that we have a few coaches who have indicated that they need a break or have had enough and would like to move on. This is the reason we are embarking on this plan. There is no reason why mum and/or dad can’t become a coach.

The Club looks forward with the help from some of our current coaches in teaching you skills, so you can develop your own style of coaching. At some point in time your child will want to play and sadly, the club may not have a coach. This is an opportunity to learn some drills and skills to become that coach.

Even if a few parents learn how to coach from the same team, going forward you can share the coaching responsibility by alternating seasons.
If you are interested in taking part please give Greg Matthews a call on 0409 530 897 or email

All you will need on the night is a note book and your training gear (i.e. shorts and sneakers).

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