Return to Sport Update (20th January)

Basketball Victoria understands the immense challenges all associations, clubs, technical officials, staff, volunteers and the wider basketball community are currently going through, a number of who have either tested positive to COVID-19, have been designated as close contacts and are dealing with forfeits and cancellations of competitions and events. 

We urge everyone to keep vigilant and apply the health and hygiene practices in place the last two years, wear a mask, sanitise hands and maintain 1.5m physical distance where possible. Please encourage anyone in your community who has any COVID symptoms, please do not attend any basketball venues.  

In spite of the challenging circumstances and with minimal restrictions or density limits from the Victorian Government, it remains important to ensure the Victorian basketball community is able to proceed in a safe and healthy manner. This includes:


All patrons over the age of 8 who are not actively engaged in an exertive role on court – whether as a player, coach or official, are required to wear a mask at all times indoors (unless they possess a valid medical exemption).  We encourage the wearing of N95 or KP94 masks if you are able to obtain them.


To assist in reducing the amount of positive COVID cases at venues, we recommend:  

  • Limit the amount of spectators / parents that attend games to watch participants – reducing the total amount of people in a venue  
  • Patrons / participants remain in foyer areas outside of the playing courts of a venue until the preceding game has completed and all have left the court area. Once a game has been completed, ideally participants leave the venue as soon as possible to ensure the absolute minimum number of people are within the venue at any one time. 


While Victoria’s isolation rules have changed, many of the COVID-19 risks still remain. 

Should a participant, staff member, volunteer, yourself or anyone in relevant families develop any symptoms, we strongly encourage individuals to get tested and follow Victorian Government health directives. 

If someone tests positive after attending a basketball activity, the following is recommended: 

  • The individual notifies the association. 
  • The association notifies the team / club involved about the positive result – recommends they get tested. 
  • The association (or club if applicable) should notify the opposition team and referees. This group are known as ‘social’ contacts. 
  • Any social contact experiencing symptoms should use a Rapid Antigen Test. Understandably these are difficult to obtain at the moment, this website can help in locating purchase options. 
  • If the test is negative, there is no need to isolate, but they should monitor for symptoms and use a Rapid Antigen Test daily for 5 days. 
  • If someone tests positive on a Rapid Antigen Test, they must report the result at 

To see in detail what to do if someone tests positive to COVID-19, or has been told they are a close contact, you can follow the checklists and information resources here.


We continue to encourage vaccinations for everyone eligible in the community, including those eligible for a third dose – which has had the interval time between doses reduced to 3 months yesterday by the Victorian Government. For more information and booking options for vaccines please visit here. 

If you have specific questions, or require further information please visit call the 24/7 Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.